All About Pilates

All About Pilates

One of the ways we love to Thrive! is with regular and FUN exercise! But trust us, we know that sometimes the gym can be a scary place. That’s why each week we are bringing you everything you need to know about different workouts we love, so you’ll be fully prepared for what to expect if you want to try them out yourself!

So What Should You Know About Taking a Pilates Class?

If you’re looking to build long, lean muscles with a low-impact workout, Pilates might just be for you! Performed either on a mat or a reformer machine, Pilates will give you a killer core workout without damaging your joints.

Pilates is supposed to be performed slowly and with control. Don’t worry about going quickly to get your heart rate up—you’ll get the best results the slower you go. This way, you’ll be able to really concentrate on activating your muscles while also staying connected to your breath.

All you need to bring is a mat. Most Pilates classes don’t require weights or any sort of special equipment. If you have a mat, bring it along with you, but often there will be mats available at the class if you’re just trying it out!

You’ll want to wear form-fitting clothes. Since Pilates movements require your form to be correct in order to get the most out of them, your instructor is going to want to be able to make sure you’re doing everything properly—and that can be hard to do that if you’re in loose clothing. Try wearing yoga pants and a tighter T-shirt for your first few lessons. While you may not find it to be the most comfortable, it will ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout!

Get familiar with the language. Like in every workout, people use different terms to describe exercise movements. For Pilates, some important terms to remember are the “powerhouse” which is the center of your body, and “peel through your spine,” which means to move slowly from vertebra to vertebra. If you’re unsure of anything, just look to others or ask your instructor. They’re there to help!

Check your studio’s policy on footwear. Most Pilates classes will allow you to go in barefoot, but some studios require you to wear socks. And some might even require a certain type of socks. Whatever the policy, it should be listed on their website or you can ask when you sign up!

Pilates will tone your body. This workout can be done by anyone (though if there is a beginner’s class, start there!), but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’ll be working your muscles in ways you don’t in any other type of workout, and the results will speak for themselves!

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