All About Running

All About Running

For today’s workout series, we’re talking about how to make the most of your running routine!

I know, I know. Running is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. Flashbacks from running the mile in Jr. High gym class haunt you and no matter how in shape you think you are, something about going out on a run just feels hard AF. But running is also one of the most accessible forms of exercise that can be done from anywhere, with no equipment needed!

No matter what your goals are, you can find and stick to a running routine that works for you. Here are some examples!

Setting Your Running Goals

Goal: Building Your Endurance

If you want to work on your endurance, any form of long distance running will work for you. Give yourself either a time or a distance goal, and incrementally increase it with each new workout!

Goal: Weight Loss

If you’re looking to shed a few pounds, running drills and sprints are perfect for you! Push yourself as hard as you can for 30 seconds to a minute at a time, with a minute to walk and recover in between.

Goal: Improve Mental Health

Ever heard of a “runner’s high”? The endorphins you get from going on a run can help improve your mood and give you mental clarity for the entire day. Try to run at a consistent pace, no matter how fast or slow, for at least 10 minutes to achieve the mental benefits!

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