All About Swimming

All About Swimming

This summer heat has us dreaming about sitting poolside with a smoothie in hand. But did you know how great of a workout going swimming actually is? If you’re looking for a way to get your exercise in while also keeping cool, read on about why swimming might just be the workout for you!

Swimming is a full-body workout. 

Swimming is said to be one of the most challenging workouts because of the fact that it targets muscles all over your entire body. From your upper body to your core to your lower body, swimming will help stimulate muscle growth all over—and torch major calories while doing so!

Swimming is easier on your joints than other workouts.

Do you have knee pain from being a long distance runner? Or maybe you suffer from arthritis and can’t find a workout that helps your pain instead of relieving it? Swimming just might be the option for you! When you swim, no weight is placed on your joints, meaning that you can work them without fear of damage. 

Swimming requires the correct gear.

While some workouts don’t require any special equipment, you’ll need a few things to get started swimming. First is a comfortable swimsuit—leave the bikinis for the beach! Next would be a swimcap and goggles—both of which you can find for a great deal! And of course, you’ll need access to a pool. Try the YMCA near you if you don’t have one of your own!

Swimming is a workout for all levels.

Whether you’re a beginning swimmer or a pro, you can get a great workout. If you’re new to the sport, focus on getting your form correct. As you grow more comfortable, you can start working on your speed to keep challenging yourself in the pool.

Are you a swimmer? Leave us all of your tips in the comments!

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