Are Protein Bars Healthy?

Are Protein Bars Healthy?

Let’s talk protein bars. They’re one of the easiest snacks to grab on the go, carry in your purse for emergency situations, and get you through any sugar cravings! But are protein bars actually good for you? How can you incorporate them into your healthy lifestyle, and which bars should you buy? We’ve got all the answers for you today!

The bad news? Not all protein bars that are marketed as a “healthy” choice are actually any better for you than a candy bar. Many of them are filled with sugar, sugar alcohols, and way more calories than they should be!

But that doesn’t mean all protein bars are a bad choice. Many of them, like RX bars, are made from whole ingredients and include 0 added sugars—and to those bars we say, go for it girl! If you’re wondering where your favorite bars lines up on the spectrum, here are some loose guidelines to keep in mind.

Guidelines for Choosing a Protein Bar

Read the ingredients. If sugar is one of the first ingredients listed, put it back on the shelf. That’s a candy bar in hiding!

Look for a bar with over 10g of protein. You’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right nutrients in your bar to make sure it keeps you fuller for longer.

Watch the calorie count. A protein bar is supposed to be used as a supplement, not as a replacement for a full, nutrient-dense meal. Once a bar gets to over 400 calories, really look at its nutritional profile to see if it’s worth it!

Some brands of protein goodies we love are RX Bar, Wella Bar, and Munk Pack! The perfect snacks to accompany your Ready to Thrive smoothie.

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