Benefits of Adding Zucchini to Your Smoothie

Benefits of Adding Zucchini to Your Smoothie

Zucchini is one of our favorite vegetables here at Ready to Thrive!, and for good reason! Zucchini not only has a plethora of health benefits, it can also be used and enjoyed in so many different ways. For example, it tastes great in your pastas, as a side dish, or even in your smoothies!

That’s right, our new flavor called Boost features zucchini as one of its main ingredients, so that even those of you who swear you can’t stand the taste will be able to reap zucchini’s nutritional rewards! 

Nutritional Benefits of Zucchini

Improved digestion. Zucchini is very high in fiber and water, which helps to aid the digestive process and improve symptoms of diseases like IBS.

Lowered blood sugar. Because of its high fiber content, zucchini can help make you feel fuller for longer, and therefore consume fewer sugar-filled carbohydrates. This is great news for anyone suffering with diabetes, or who needs to watch their blood sugar levels.

Improved eye health. Zucchini is filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients, including two called Zeaxanthin and Lutein. These nutrients are known to improve eye health, and can help ward against diseases like glaucoma.

More energy. Feeling fatigued? There’s a good chance you’re not getting enough B-vitamins. But the good news is, zucchini is full of them! These vitamins will help reduce your fatigue and give you a boost of energy for the day (which is a huge part of why we added zucchini to our Boost smoothie!)

Weight loss. Zucchini is very low in calories, but due to its fiber and water content, it will keep you full! Reducing your snacking and consuming fewer calories is necessary for weight loss, making zucchini the perfect choice for anyone looking to shed a few pounds.

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