Benefits of Drinking Maple Water

Benefits of Drinking Maple Water

Have you ever heard of maple water? Not to be confused with sap, maple water is a nutrient-rich clear liquid that flows out from maple trees for a short period of time during the spring. According to the Mother Nature Network:

“Maple water goes through a natural process that infuses it with nutrients. In early spring, maple trees pull water from the ground and filter it through their roots. This water collects nutrients stored in the tree all winter, and provides hydration and nourishment that enables the tree’s growth and rejuvenation in the spring renewal season.”

What is Maple Water?

This process is not only great for maple trees, but it can be extremely nourishing for our bodies as well!

For example, maple water is extremely hydrating—in fact, it hydrates your body at twice the speed of regular water! It is also full of antioxidants and phytochemicals that help your body function at its peak. With less sugar than coconut water and a satisfyingly sweet flavor, this is the perfect beverage to drink on its own or blended into your smoothie.

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