Breaking the Stigma About Frozen Fruits

Breaking the Stigma About Frozen Fruits

One of the common misconceptions we hear is that frozen fruit is not as good for you as fresh fruit. Some people believe frozen fruits must be filled with preservatives, while others just can’t seem to get past the “fresh is best” belief. 

But those beliefs are simply not true! Multiple studies have confirmed that not only is frozen fruit as good for you as fresh fruit, it can even be better for you too! Let us explain.

When fruit has been flash frozen, it means it has gone through a natural, rapid freezing process. No preservatives have been added to the product. Just by being frozen, the fruit will retain its nutritional profile for a longer period of time. In other words—it won’t go bad after a few days of sitting out on your counter.

Fresh fruit loses nutrients the longer it is off the vine. This is because of a process called respiration, in which produce loses heat and moisture as it breathes, leading to a loss of nutrients. Frozen fruit, however, does not experience respiration, and therefore retains its nutritional density for much longer.

You can buy frozen fruit in bulk, making you more likely to continue eating it. I know I’m not the only one who has wasted money at the grocery store by buying fresh produce that I don’t eat before it rots. But when you buy frozen fruit, you can buy whatever quantity you want without worrying about eating it all within a few days! 

So the next time you feel pressured to buy fresh fruit based on it being the “healthier” option, I want you to stop and think again. Frozen fruit is the way to go!

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