Digital Detoxing: How You Can Disconnect from Your Screen To Reconnect With Your Life

Digital Detoxing:  How You Can Disconnect from Your Screen To Reconnect With Your Life

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your New Year’s health and wellness goals!

We know how hard it is to feel like your best self. You want to stick to your diet, give up dairy, work out three days a week, and achieve some serious inner zen. But have you ever considered that the key to achieving your happiest and healthiest self doesn’t just come down to eating a healthier diet or smashing out a killer workout?

In fact, taking a break from social media is one of the most popular wellness goals of 2019, with good reason! Taking on a digital detox challenge, whether that’s one day, one week, or even one month without signing into the ‘gram or mindlessly scrolling through emails, has proven to improve sleep quality, improve physical and mental health, lengthen your attention span, and boost your productivity and creativity. The benefits speak for themselves, and have skyrocketed the popularity of this digital detox trend to new heights!

But how do we get started with this kind of challenge, especially given the importance our phones and social media hold in our lives? How do we strike a balance between being on our screens for work vs. personal use?

Don’t worry, we’ve got the digital detox tips that will transform your health and your life for the better. Let’s get disconnected!

Tips For Digital Detoxing

List out your priorities. Getting down to the reason behind why you want to do a digital detox is going to help keep you on track when you’re in the midst of one. That’s why it helps to make a list of all the things in your life you want to be doing, but can’t find the time for. All the time you used to spend online can go toward the priorities on your list!

Don’t quit cold turkey. Let’s be real, sometimes you need to be logged into your devices. Emails won’t disappear, and some of us even have to be logged in to social media for work. The best way to stick with a detox in these circumstances is to make a schedule for yourself. This way, when you feel tempted to check on something, you have a set (and hopefully short) period of time to do so, and you won’t find yourself mindlessly picking up your phone!

Detox one device at a time. Maybe you have a phone problem, a laptop problem, a TV problem, or a video game problem. Whatever screen you’re trying to ditch, start your detox by picking the one that is stealing the majority of your time and joy. As you conquer that goal, add another device in. Repeat until you’ve rid your life of all the technology you don’t want in it!

Buy an alarm clock. There’s one excuse we all use to keep our phones by our bed…“it’s my alarm clock!” But here’s the truth: with temptation so close by, you’re going to end up scrolling during the hours that you need to be getting some quality snoozes. Get yourself to Target, buy the kind of alarm clock you thought only existed in 90s films, and master the art of actually falling asleep when you get into bed!  

Include your tribe. Everything is easier with an accountability buddy, digital detox included! Challenge your friends and family to purge themselves of technology, especially during the time you spend together. Have you ever heard of the party trick where everyone has to put their phones in the center of the dinner table? Whoever touches their phone first has to every time!

Keep your hands free. When you carry your devices in your hands, you’ll be more tempted to look at them. Instead, keep your laptop and tablet in your backpack or purse, and your phone tucked away in your pocket. Out of sight, out of mind!

Find an incentive. Figure out the best way to motivate yourself to the finish line. If you decide to detox from technology for a week, what are you going to give yourself when you get through those seven days? Are you taking yourself out for a date night? Your favorite dessert? Maybe you’ll let yourself buy a few Thrive! smoothies to get you through the week ;) Always reward yourself for a job well done!

Taking the digital detox challenge has the potential to be one of the most important things you do for yourself in 2019. So why wait any longer? Ditch your phone for awhile, see how your life starts to improve in the big and small ways, and be sure to let us know all about it once you’re back online!

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