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DIY Face Moisturizer: The Essentials You Need to Know

We’re all about using whole, natural ingredients in our smoothies, but have you ever considered how important it is to find skincare that uses those same natural ingredients? Everything we put on our skin absorbs straight into our bodies, so keeping your skincare ingredients as clean and natural as possible is one of the best things we can do to really treat ourselves inside and out!

The problem is, it can be confusing and expensive (!!) to find the best natural skincare products on the market. That’s where DIY skincare comes in handy! You can make amazing DIY skincare products with natural ingredients you may even have in your cupboards already. Here are some of the essential ingredients you need to make an amazing DIY face moisturizer!

Honey — Honey is antibacterial, which makes it the perfect ingredient for reducing inflammation on your skin and clearing up acne! Add it to your DIY face moisturizer for soft, clear, happy skin.

Pure aloe vera — Did your mom ever tell you to put aloe vera on your sunburns? That’s because it is naturally soothing to the skin, and another great ingredient to reduce inflammation and irritation!

Lavender essential oil — Lavender oil is an essential DIY face moisturizing ingredient because of its reputation for balancing the skin’s moisture barrier. This ensures that your skin won’t be too dry or too oily after use!

Rose water — Rose water is perfect for thinning out your DIY face moisturizer so that it won’t be too sticky or uncomfortable on the skin. Plus, its soothing scent is instantly calming!

Coconut oil — Have a skin problem? Chances are, coconut oil can help! The acids in this oil make it a powerful antimicrobial, which helps to heal eczema, acne, and irritation.