Find Your Spirit Fruit

Find Your Spirit Fruit

Wondering what your spirit fruit is? Find out with this fun chart!


You’re a juicy strawberry, Cap! You’re sensitive, and can easily go sour if you’re not taken care of. But you’ll always be one of the most universally adored fruits of the bunch!


Totally original, you don’t need anything else to enhance your flavor Aquarius. You’re a bright, bold raspberry!


You’re sweet as a peach, Pisces. Everyone wants to be your friend because you treat everyone you meet like they already are!


You’re passionate, courageous, and always in for an adventure. You couldn’t be an ordinary fruit when you’re made of something this special. That’s why you’re an exotic papaya!


You’re unwavering, a fruit that will stand the test of time. Like an apple, you’re something we will always crave!


You’ve got that easygoing, island vibe about you Gemini. Aloha, pineapple!


Your heart’s as big as a mango, Cancer! Known for their soothing effect on the stomach, like the mango you have the power to soothe anyone in your presence.


First they’re sour, then they’re sweet! Just like a kiwi, you can be tart on the surface, but incredibly sweet the deeper you go.


You’re a trusty blueberry, Virgo! Loyal to a fault, you’re someone people look to turn to again and again.


Always even-keel, you like to fly under the radar like a dragonfruit, Libra. But when someone takes notice of you, they can’t look away!


You like to stand out, Scorpio, but your friends know they can always count on you. You’re just like an orange!


You think you can save the world, Sag, and you really can! Coconuts, coconut oil, coconut milk—there’s nothing a coconut can’t do.

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