How to Build Your Dream Smoothie Bowl

How to Build Your Dream Smoothie Bowl

The summertime heat is here, and that means we’re only craving one thing for breakfast—smoothie bowls, of course! Whether you like yours simple or dolled up, we have the key to building the perfect smoothie bowl every single day. Be sure to show us how you make yours by tagging @readytothrivebrand on Instagram!

Blend the perfect base. All you need for this is a Ready to Thrive! smoothie cup and your favorite liquid. Feeling fruity? Try coconut water to get the most out of the fruit flavors in your smoothie. Want to make the toppings pop? Go for something like almond milk instead.

Mix up your toppings. We all love classics like granola and berries, but how about getting more creative than that? Some of our favorite smoothie bowls are topped with apples, chia seeds, and even herbs for a little extra touch! 

Drizzle drizzle drizzle. No smoothie bowl would be complete without a drizzle of something sweet on top. Try honey, agave syrup, or even something like caramel if you’re feeling a little fun!

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