How To Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle on Vacation

How To Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle on Vacation

Anyone else headed out on a summer vacay? There’s nothing better than getting some quality R&R on a vacation (someone point us to the beach please!), but it also can come with its fair share of hardships when you’ve committed to living a healthy lifestyle. 

While we don’t think you should EVER deprive yourself on vacation (it’s all about balance), we also are here to give you some of our best tips to make sure you can stay on track with your health goals while you’re away from routine. Just remember to use these tips as guidelines—you get to pick and choose what your lifestyle gets to look like!

Get in some movement every day. Whether you love taking advantage of hotel gyms or you prefer strolling on the beach, try to make sure you get at least 30 minutes of movement into your vacation days. So put on those walking shoes and explore your destination city, join a round of beach volleyball, or go for a swim—whatever you choose, you’ll feel better for it while still having so much fun!

Choose your indulgences. Are you a sucker for ice cream? Or maybe you’re counting down until your favorite Italian dinner. No matter what it is, pick the indulgence that is most exciting to you and let yourself really enjoy it. As for the rest of your meals? Try to add in healthier choices so that you’re not eating ice cream for every meal!

Don’t restrict yourself. Instead of thinking about what you CAN’T have on vacation, change your mindset to think about what healthier things you can ADD to your diet. Instead of, “I can’t eat these pancakes,” think “I can have a smoothie with these pancakes” or “I’ll add protein to these pancakes.” Adding nutritious foods instead of taking away indulgent ones will leave you feeling happier and more satisfied!

Get plenty of rest. It’s easy to stay up late when you’re away, but try to make sure you still allow yourself 7-8 hours of sleep per night. After all, a vacation is supposed to be when we get the time to reset and feel refreshed. Don’t leave your trip more exhausted than when you arrived!

How do you like to take care of yourself on vacation? Let us know by dropping us a comment on Instagram or Facebook!

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