How to Pick The Right Protein Powder For You

How to Pick The Right Protein Powder For You

Getting the daily recommended amount of protein into your diet is much easier with a protein powder! Whether you like adding protein powder into your baked goods, in your Ready to Thrive! Smoothies, or just mixed with water, there’s always a delicious and easy way to mix a good powder into your meals.

But with so many choices of protein powder on the market, how do you pick a good powder from a bad one? What should you be looking out for? Lucky for you, we have the answers you need!

Protein Powder Tips

Pick a protein that meets your dietary restrictions. Are you a vegan? Go for a plant-based powder. Looking to gain muscle? Maybe whey is for you. There are also gluten-free protein powder options if that’s what you’re looking for!

Watch out for added sugars and artificial sweeteners. Protein powder is thought of as a healthy snack option, but certain brands will sneak in unnecessary sugars and sweeteners to change the flavors. Make sure you’re picking a powder with only nutrients you are comfortable consuming!

Choose a powder with added nutrients to meet your goals. Some protein powders contain greens, BCAAs, or other nutrients to make them more effective for individualized fitness and health goals. If you want to muscle up, try out a powder with added BCAAs. Looking to clean up your diet? A greens/protein powder mix might be help you out.

Go for the cost-effective options. While grab-and-go protein shakes can save on convenience, we recommend going with a powder that comes in a large serving tub to make sure you’re getting the best price per serving deal. Do a price per serving comparison among the brands you’re interested in if you’re torn between a few different powders!

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