Let’s Talk Body Image

Let’s Talk Body Image

Did you know that approximately 65 percent of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 have reported experiencing disordered eating behaviors? And the number of women who feel dissatisfaction with their appearance only grows from there. If you’ve ever struggled with body image, know that you are not alone. 

But here’s the good news! The past few years have seen an uptick in the body positivity movement, and we are HERE FOR IT. 

At Ready to Thrive! we believe a few very important things, and we hope you will embrace and believe them too! 

Your body is beautiful at every shape and size. Don’t believe the lie that there is one “ideal” body we should all aspire to. Your body is the one that was made exactly for you, and it is always exactly right as it is.  

Your body is supposed to change. Your body as an adult isn’t supposed to be the same body you had as a teenager. Your body when you become a mother isn’t supposed to be the same body it was before you had your babies. Your body can change for so many reasons, and holding yourself to one image of what you looked like at one time in your life is only going to hold you back, instead of allowing you to grow into the badass woman you are right now!

You are always allowed to enjoy food. Healthy food is not a punishment for not looking “good enough.” You can enjoy plant-based foods, and you can enjoy pizza. No matter what size you are, you are allowed to eat what you want, incorporate the foods that make you feel good, and remember that guilt is never something that should be associated with what you put in your body!

You are free to unfollow. You know that girl from high school who has always looked like a model? You don’t have to keep seeing her posts. You don’t have to follow the actresses, singers, or influencers who spark any feelings of insecurity in you when you see their photos. Your social media should be a place that lights you up inside, so clear out anything or anyone that makes you feel less than the amazing person you are! If you’re looking for a few amazing women to follow who embrace a body positive message, here are some of our favorite gals.

Curves to Contour

Fitty Britty

Hollie Azzopardi

We are all on our own roads to feeling comfortable and confident in who we are. Just know that wherever you are in your health and happiness journey, it is okay. Let’s all agree to be a little kinder to ourselves, and enjoy where we are right now! Sending you all our love.

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