Thoughts You Have on Your First Day at the Gym

Thoughts You Have on Your First Day at the Gym

Summer is around the corner, and that means it’s time for discounted gym membership season! Because you can’t resist a good deal, here you are. You’ve got your new workout outfit on, rocking some new shoes, and you’re feeling pumped for your first session at the gym. If all those girls on Instagram can do it, why can’t you do it too?


Once you’re inside, you take a look at what you’ve got to work with. There are a lot of machines—you’re sure you can figure them out...right? Right. Nothing’s going to stop you!


You’re pretty sure you’re supposed to stretch before a workout. But goodness, who remembers your toes being this far away?

You decide to try out the treadmill first. Watch out for the lean, mean running machine everyone!

You used to run the mile in school. So why do you feel like you’re going to fall over any second just over a minute into this jog?

You remember hearing your ex-boyfriend make fun of people who use the cardio machines at the gym, and it seems like a good enough reason to throw in the towel. Besides, you’re really in this for the Michelle Obama arms anyway.

Time to find the right set of dumbbells. Do you start with 8 lbs? You know what, better keep it at the 2.5. You can always work your way up.

Avoids contact with every man in the weight lifting section

Time for some abs. You find a spot with plenty of room on the mats and start crushing some crunches. Hello, future 6-pack.

Some ninja decides right next to you in the perfect place to start jumping around. Thanks for the inferiority complex, bro.

Drenched in sweat and feeling more noodle than person, you grab your water bottle and decide to head out. That is, until the personal trainer hits you up once you pass the front desk.

Roped into three training sessions and feeling more exhausted than you’ve ever been, you blast the AC in your car and try to stop your arms from shaking on the steering wheel. But now you can post your gym selfie with pride! #JustDidIt

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