What To Watch Out For When Choosing A Quick Meal Option

What To Watch Out For When Choosing A Quick Meal Option

The rise of convenient and quick healthy food options is great news for all of us. Gone are the days of having nothing to choose from but McDonald’s or Taco Bell when you’re in a rush! But although almost all of these food options tout being a “healthy” or “all-natural” choice, there are a few things we’d recommend looking out for if you are eating them regularly to ensure you truly are eating something beneficial for your body! 

Watch out for added sugars. A lot of the time, companies will sneak in some added sugars to make a healthy treat taste more like, well, a treat! While a few added sugars here and there won’t hurt you, you will want to make sure you’re not consuming them regularly in a meal you are being told is healthy. Instead, find something like our Ready to Thrive! smoothies, which only have

Watch out for preservatives. Preservatives are almost impossible to avoid altogether when you’re eating on the run, but it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re limiting your intake of them when you can. Nothing beats a fresh, whole foods diet—and that’s what makes smoothies such a great option! Freezing fruit makes it last longer without the use of any preservatives at all. But if you do choose a food option with preservatives, try to watch out for what type of preservatives they are. This article is a great place to start learning about what preservatives are the most harmful to our bodies!

Watch out for the serving sizes. When you read a nutrition label and see low calorie, fat, sugar, or carb counts, make sure you’re also checking what the serving size is. I’ve seen protein bars where the serving size is only a third or half of the bar—not what you likely were planning on actually eating! Looking at the serving size will help you understand what you will actually be consuming, so you won’t be fooled into eating double the calories and fat that you thought you were actually getting!

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