Why You Should Try A Pre-Portioned Smoothie Cup

Why You Should Try A Pre-Portioned Smoothie Cup


When you think of making a quick and healthy breakfast, smoothies are an easy option that comes to mind. You just cut up some fruit, add a liquid, and blend it up! But if it’s so easy, how do you explain the pre-portioned smoothie cup trend? Why invest in buying a cup with fruits and veggies already added instead of buying your own fruit?

The answer? When you make a smoothie on your own, it’s easy to overload it with the wrong ingredients.

If your smoothie is filled with too many high-sugar fruits, it’s all too possible that you’ll end up with too many sugars and carbs in your meal. Getting a pre-portioned smoothie cup ensures that all of your ingredients are served in the right proportions, thereby ensuring that you’re getting a healthy amount of vitamins, minerals, sugars, and carbs in your meal.

Smoothie cups also allow you to mix up the fruits and veggies in your smoothie. Instead of keeping 5 different bags of frozen fruit and greens in your freezer, you just have to store a few small cups!

Pre-portioned smoothie cups are here to make your quick meal even quicker, easier, and healthier than ever. Try picking up some of our Ready to Thrive! smoothies in your local Target to see for yourself!

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