• Where can I buy Thrive! products?
    Thrive products are currently available at Target stores nationwide.
  • What’s inside Thrive! smoothie cups?
    Each Thrive! smoothie cup contains real frozen fruit. Look on the front of your cup to see exactly what ingredients are inside
  • How do I prepare a Thrive smoothie?
    Preparing your smoothies is a simple four step process:1. MIX! - Pour enclosed ingredients from the Thrive! Cup, then fill to the top with your favorite liquid base.2. DUMP! - Dump ingredients and liquid base from Ready to Thrive! cup into blender.3. BLEND! - Blend until smoothie reaches desired consistency.4. POUR & DRINK! - Pour your blended smoothie back into your Ready to Thrive! cup, close the lid, and enjoy.
  • Which bases taste best with Thrive! smoothies?
    We recommend coconut water or almond milk. However, you can pair our smoothies with any liquid base.
  • Where can I find the nutritional info?
    Nutrition facts are conveniently located on the back of every Thrive! cup.
  • How many servings are in each cup?
    Each cup contains approximately two servings, or approximately 8 fluid ounces of smoothie.
  • Do I need to defrost my smoothie before blending?
    No! Our smoothies are ready to blend directly from the freezer.
  • Is Thrive! packaging recyclable?
    Yes! Ready To Thrive! cups and the fruit bags inside are 100% recyclable.
  • How should I store my Thrive! Smoothies?
    All Ready To Thrive! smoothies need to be kept frozen until consumption.
  • Are Thrive smoothies free of all major allergens?
    Yes, Thrive! smoothies are allergen free. Be advised that our smoothies are made on equipment that also processes tree nuts, sesame oil, milk, eggs, shellfish, soy, wheat, and sulfites.
  • Is this product vegetarian/vegan?
    All Thrive! smoothies are 100% vegetarian and vegan.
  • Where are Thrive! Products made?
    Thrive! smoothies are all made right here in the USA.
  • How long are Thrive smoothies good for?
    Thrive! smoothies have a shelf life of 18 months. See the bottom of your cup for the expiration date.
  • Why do you use frozen fruits instead of fresh?
    Frozen fruits last longer, increasing the shelf life of the smoothie, and preserving the overall quality and taste of your smoothie. We use frozen fruit to ensure that your smoothie is always in season, no matter the season.
  • Do Thrive! smoothies contain any extra sugars or preservatives?
    Nope! Thrive! smoothies have no added sugars, chemicals, or preservatives. When we say “all-natural,” we mean just that!
  • I have a marketing/PR request - who do I contact?
    For all marketing and press related inquiries please contact info@readytothrive.c om